“I watched it in full length with Lukas and we are both thrilled. Congratulations to such a splendid show.
Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas.”

– Ruth Thiex

“Wonderful, Sanford! Congratulations on another successful show! I’m delighted to learn that our NJROTC students and leadership were so supportive of your efforts. Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year.”

– Dr. Gary Cohn

“We had a wonderful time at this year’s Christmas Spectacular ! Especially the sisters singing and the tap dancing. Really EVERYONE was great! My family was so touched by the magic of the performers and the goodness of the message/ “ Make a wish”. Thank you Dr. Wright and all involved. This has become an annual event we look forward to and are inspired by. Many Christmas blessings and throughout 2018 too! It was really touching and beautiful. Please keep up the fabulous work and know that you touched our hearts. Love to you and yours.”

– Sarah and John Zugish

“As a first time attendee to A Christmas Spectacular, I was impressed and delighted with the performance!  Bravo to the performers and production crew and I was absolutely thrilled to give recognition to our military, at home and abroad.  I will attend every year to come!”

– Samantha LePakThe Torset Team/ Keller Williams Realty Everett
Assistant to Michelle Torset

“The Christmas Spectacular was a 5 start show that allowed all ages to enjoy and embrace the spirit of Christmas. I was touched in many ways as the Military is such a vital part of our freedom….and so many times we forget to have gratitude and address the service men and women who serve our country, this opportunity also touched my heart. 

The Make-a-Wish foundation and the reasons we do support the cause is also a part of life that is not at top of mind for many…..seeing the loving people who delivered the joy from this foundation and understanding how this makes such a big difference ….need I say again how my heart was touched with love and smiles from such wonderful performances.

We enjoyed all the dancing singing/choir and theater that was a big part of this evening.

Thank you Sanford for putting such a wonderful entertaining venue on stage for all of us to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas with family. Blessings to all in this Holiday Season!”

– Michelle Torset
Real Estate Managing Broker
Keller Williams Realty

“I had several people in the audience who were absolutely thrilled with the show!  They loved the singing and the dancing and were surprised at what wonderful talent we have in our area.  These are people who have not attended any of our Everett Chorale concerts – so hopefully after telling me how they enjoyed our music I hope they will come to our April concert! It was good to hear good reviews!”

– Everett Chorale Member

Hello Dr. Sanford Wright, staff and performers;  I can’t believe how much my step mother and I enjoyed the evening.  The top notch performers that you had for the Spectacular put on a great show that was so very entertaining.  We can’t wait until next years show. The young folks with the ROTC were there looking so smart in their uniforms. Well until next year, thank you for having this level of entertainment in Everett, WA.”

– Carolyn Snow

“This program was a SUPER event ! I can’t complement enough to express the enjoyment that both my father and I had during this experience ! The coriography was well directed also I feel the Make a wish foundation is one of few well deserved foundations to deserve this amount of investment and attention ! I sure enjoyed my self and will definitely spend more years attending ! I would also like to compliment on the support to our local food donations to help the family, homeless and children could be the second most effective way of spreading joy to thought that deserve attention by any that are able to lend a supportive hand ! Thanks for this monumental  encouraging event that I will going in many years to come !”

– Billy Van Mechelen

The spectacular was our first to support Make a wish. Our granddaughter met the pope with make a wish. So the organization is close to our hearts. However the big surprise was the Evening at the auditorium. So professional, beautifully done and quite emotional. The finale with the God Bless America and the Flag brought us both to tears with pride.
Next year we will bring the entire family.
Thank you Sanford for doing so much for this organization and the entire community. Merry Christmas.”

– Bill & Susie Schmidt

“Dear Dr. Wright,
We loved the show very much!! We will be there next year.
            Me Bill and son Billy VanMechelen believe this to be one of all time great events !!! We really look forward to seeing again!!!”

– Bill Longknife

“Hi Sanford and Jack,
I just wanted to say thank you for considering me into your annual Christmas Show Spectacular! It’s been great getting to meet some of the cast members and their involvement in the past shows. After the show, I was approached by a frail lady in a wheel and she said to me “thank you for your lovely performance and for being who you are.” It was very cool to witness the joy that I could bring to audiences through my performance.

Once again, thank you for very much and I hope you have a Merry Christmas/ Happy New Year.”

– Marc Estabrook

“My husband and I were fortunate enough to be in the audience of the 2017 showing of The Christmas Spectacular this past Saturday evening.

As this was our first time to see the show in its 17 year running, we were completely astounded with the stunning performances by the entire cast!

From the memorable Military, Fire and Police tributes to the Make A Wish Honoree presentation along with all of the dance, choral and band performances, we were dazzled beyond anything we have seen!

Thank you to ALL for touching our hearts and bringing wonder to our holidays! We look forward to enjoying this fine presentation again in 2018!”

– With God’s Christmas Blessings,
Danette Stringer

“Finished watching last night. Outstanding!!! I look forward to having Frank see the performance. Thank you, Thank you, thank you for your precious time, energy, talent, and generous spirit. What a spectacular gift you are to this community! What a guy! What a guy! What a guy!!”

– Marianne McCord

“The Christmas event was just that, SPECTACULAR. I will be sure to attend next year. Wonderful entertainment, what special talent. And, such a worthy cause.”

– Sharon H.

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