Commandment of Valor

A new video recording of the Hollywood Studios Orchestra in Los Angeles playing “Commandment of Valor” will be presented by Charles-Henri Avelange, the composer, at our 2017 event to honor our men and women in the armed forces that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

The song above was featured on, the biggest community website in the US for military people, with over 10 million members.”

“Commandment of Valor” is my continuing work to honor American heroes. Just before the musicians started playing I told them what was the purpose of this music: to honor the US veterans, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I told them that if they know a veteran, a friend or a family member perhaps, they should think of them as they perform the piece. This is the result. Thank you to all who are serving, and served.

xmasmasteruser2017Commandment of Valor

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