2018 Song List


1. The Greatest Show (The Greatest Showman Singers)

2. The National Anthem (Megan Parker, Carl Kelly, Victor Benedetti)

3. We Need A Little Christmas, I Hear the Bells on Christmas Day, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (The Dickens Carolers)

4. Breaking Christmas, Blue Christmas, The Battle of New Orleans (The Tall Boys Banjo Country Band: Charlie Beck – Banjo; Joe Fulton – Fiddle; John Hurd – Upright Bass; Charmaine Slaven – Guitar and Flat Footing)

5. Scriabin Etude No. 42 Opus 5 (Chiara Rogers)

6. Freedom Awareness/Schindler’s List (Davide Fumagalli and Debora Macaluso with Carlos Garcia)

7. Zat You Santa Claus (Carl Kelly)

8. Rock’n Around the Christmas Tree (Megan Renae Parker)

9. Little Altar Boy (Victor Benedetti)

10. Clap Hands (Ryan Hollen, Mascha Wright and Kelsey Narvaez)

11. Break Dance (North City Rockers)

12. Khang Family Video (Khang with family members)

13. Money Can’t Buy Me Love (Rebekah Lovitt)

14. Earth (Michael Jackson Tribute Artists)

15. 20th Century Fox, Run To You, Once Upon A December (Angelica Elange)



16. Sheila Murphy Video (Cast)

17. This Is Me (Naomi Moran and Greatest Showman Group)

18. The Way You Make Me Feel, Beat It (The Michael Jackson Tribute Artists Group)

19. Stand By Me (Rebekah Lovitt and Carl Kelly with Cast)

20. A Million Dreams (Mica Ruthfield and Jared Brown)

21. Irving Berlin Medley (Lee Mathews and the Voices of America Community Choir)

22. Time To Say Goodbye (Victor Benedetti and Megan Parker)

23. God Bless America (Cast )


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