“Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your holiday tradition- and your daughter was complete delight- and I had no idea she was yours!”

-Naomi Morgan

“What a pleasure it was to be involved in this event. I also bumped into a number of entertainers that I know but haven’t seen for a year or two. Thanks for the opportunity to support the cause, and I hope we were able to help make it a success.”

– Blaine Hammond (Dickens Carolers)

“I feel like yesterday’s show was one of the best, if not the best, I’ve been involved with. Thanks for including me in such a worthy cause as Make A Wish.”

– Don Garberg

“Thanks again for letting me be part of the show last night. From my perspective it was a great success! Lots of fun as well.”

– Carlos Garcia

“It was beautiful! Literally one of the best I’ve ever been too. Thank you so much for everything!”

– Matt Bollen

“It was the best I have see yet! And the entire family was raving of the show… You are a great man to always pur on show filled with love – and talent to support that love. The Make-A Wish part of the show really warmed the heart. The singer (Rebekah Lovitt) was the all time favorite. My granddaughter is 6 and she was so moved by this girl singing. She has talked about it for days since. She can not believe that she is a signer – despite having those limitations. She is impressed as much as her heart was touched. These moments and so any others in your show help shape the foundation of children growing up in our community – a foundation of caring, where people gather to embrace Joy. Thank you Sanford for the Show and being who you are. You are my very dear friend and I admire you very much – as does my husband.”

– M.T.

“As always, honestly a genuinely wonderful event. I was trying to explain it to somebody – that it is a “wonderful community event with an incredibly big heart and amazing entertainment”. You should be so proud of this event and I am so proud to count you as my friend.”

– T.S.

“The Christmas Spectacular is such a wonderful gift you give each year to the community. I do hope I can continue to participate for years to com and maybe even contribute more in the future.”

– K.Z.

“We received some courtesy tickets from Mr. Joe Marine, my children and I were delighted with the show and now we will go every year thank you. Treat yourself to a visual feast with the Christmas Spectacular.”

– M.P.

“Last December 8th 2018 we had the pleasure of going to see the Christmas Spectacular. Our favorites were. Rebekah Lovitt sing like an Angel, M RemJ and the Michael Jackson Tributes Artists. This is a show that helps other children with physical problems. Very professional on the part of all participants. We Will back next year and bring some friends.”

– M.P.

“I am an exchange student from Peru through the Rotary. My name is Melissa I was invited to this Christmas event, and what was my surprise to see dancer with so much talent from all around the world. David Fumagalli and Debora Macaluso with Carlos Garcia they put an incredible scenery. Thank you.”

– M.P.

“It would be a good idea to advertise this type of events more publicly. On behalf of the media and inform parents of these opportunities. The hip-hop presentation was perfect for our teenagers. Thanks for the invitation.”

– M.P.

“On behalf of the children and Parents of Mari’s Place for the Arts we want to thank the opportunity received to attend this Christmas Event. We will return every year and we will pass the word to others. It was beautiful the signing, dancing, our students are very motivated and would like to participate in the future.”

– M.P.

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