Stomp Science

Wine Stomps have been performed for many hundreds of years. During this time there has been SPECULATION that those most likely to win a Stomp have the largest feet!

This allowed the Organizers of the Stomp, Chris and Linnea Covington, Frank Craven, Joe Marine and Sanford Wright, take ownership of yet one more FIRST!  The creation of “STOMP SCIENCE” in order to scrutinize this old tale to see if it was true – or false.

As luck would have it, the Organizers hired Stomp Scientist, Mary Jo Sarver ARNP, to join the Stomp Staff. With the Scientific Research Tool provider by Althea Schlumpf, owner of Althea’s Foot Wear Solutions on Broadway, the Brannock, Mary Jo measured the right foot of the Stompers.

Thanks to the participation of those with very large feet, Jon Stucky and his partner from Everett Engineering, who were endowed with extraordinarily large feet and those less well endowed (The rest of the Stompers), our Scientist, Mary Joe Sarver ARNP, proved beyond reasonable doubt, that in the 2nd Annual Port Gardner Bay Winery Grape Stomp, the largest feet did not necessarily provide first place. But ALL THE STOMPERS, STAFF and SUPPORTERS AGAIN AGREED THAT EVERYONE WERE WINNERS IN THE SUPPORT OF MAKE-A-WISH!

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