Stomp Terminology

  1. STOMP – Using bare feet to repeat a centuries long tradition of crushing grapes in preparation for wine making. This is typically done as part of fall grape harvest and/or fall wine processing. Example:  “The 2nd Annual Port Gardner Bay Winery Grape Stomp”, which is part of the winery’s fall grape processing activity.
  2. STOMPERS – Folks that can identify themselves with the spirit epitomized in the “I Love Lucy” Play Book. People who thoroughly enjoy taking part in an activity that is both fun and rewarding.
  3. STOMP TITLES –Master of Stomp – Joe Marine
    The Registrars – Patti Larson and Linda Hall
    The Stomp Scientist – Mary Jo Sarver
    The Stomp Time Keeper – David Narvaez
    The grape scaler – Randy Anderson
    The Juice scaler – Ovid Stavrica
    The Barrel Buskers – Trevor Anderson and Enrique Montazume
    General Back-up – Bob Brown
  4. STOMP PLACE HOLDERS – Those stompers that have outcompeted their competitors through skill and strategy – not only through foot size alone.
  5. STOMP WINNERSEvery single person that in any way supports the Annual Port Gardner Bay Winery Stomp for Wake-A-Wish of Alaska and Washington.
  6. PINKY PROMISE – The ‘Pinky Promise’ presumably started around the 1800’s in Japan, where it is called yubikiri(指切りor “finger cut-off”).  The gesture is thought to be connected to the Japanese belief that soulmates are connected by a red thread of fate attached to each of their pinkies.
  7. THE STOMPERS “PINKY PROMISE” CAMPAIGN HANDSHAKE  – An appropriate “Thank You!” for all Donors and supporters, who join  with the commitment of Make-A-Wish of Alaska and Washington’s to make Wishes come true.
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