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Just finished watching Part II. When I started watching it, I was very, very tired. Had been dealing with problems around my house. Very little sleep. I thought that I would watch a little bit of the show and then turn in early.

Bottom line: I could not stop watching!! Initially, I thought this was way, way too long! Three hours and 34 minutes!?! No way!! I thought I might last only 30-45 minutes – an hour tops! To my surprise, I was riveted to the screen of my computer. I literally could
not stop Watching!

I finished the Dorothy Jayne Revue. It is obvious that your mother was extraordinarily gifted and tapped into the universe source of Supreme Creativity! I did not realize the breath of her amazing talents. Without question a genuine creative genius.
“Move Over Martha Graham!”
– Mary Ann McCord. (Frank McCord; President, Everett CRA; who named the show the “Christmas Spectacular” 20 years ago)

Thank you Sanford: Those were the days!! Hope all is well. Merry Christmas!
– Brian Tracey, Master of Ceremonies, Christmas Spectacular 2003-2013; 11 years)

Hello Sanford. We’re enjoying seeing the show. It brings back a lot of good memories. It’s nice to see the ‘small version’ of our kids! Good times, very fun. Thank you and David Eaks, Puget Sound Video, for sharing.
– Dehner Franks, pianist, vocalist, composer, with wife, Jan. (2001-2013; 14 years)

To Sanford and all you Spectacular people. This is about the time when we prepare to converge in Everett, WA and present the annual Christmas Spectacular. Circumstances have caused us to cancel the stage performance this 20th year. I will miss you all. Thanks to Sanford and David at PSV for putting this presentation together. We appreciate you both! May you all stay safe and have the best holidays possible, considering. Miss you too Dehner. Love, Carl.
– Carl Kelley. (2005-2019; 14 years)

Dear Christmas Family – I am missing the annual opportunity to share the stage with so many of you; but I am grateful for the incredible videos that Sanford and David have put together. We’ll have to look forward to the extra special 21st Annual Spectacular! Until next time I wish you and your families a very special holiday season filled with hope for a new year of health and renewal. Love & Best Wishes.
– Victor Benedetti. (2004-2008; 2010-201; 2014-2019; 13 years)

Thank you so much Sanford! So fun to look back at the performances from over the years and reflect on the legacy of the Christmas Spectacular. It’s a true gift to the community and organizations like Make A Wish. Missing all of you and sending along my heartfelt best wishes for a safe and happy holiday for you all. Yours in song.
– Megan Renae Parker. (2007-2008; 2010-2019; 12 years)

Hello. I have told some family members to check out the 2020 Christmas Spectacular. Part I and Part II videos are great.
– Trish Fowler. (RemJ Fowler & Group; 2018-2019)

Looks great! Easy to navigate. Big Hug!
– Joanne Bosworth

Looks really great Sanford! Super great ….
– Samos Alixopulos

Thank you! I know family and friends will love to watch it. I will also tell them that they can donate or buy a video. Tell the family “Hi” from all of us.
– Rene Herold

A little flashback from the Christmas 2012 at the Annual Christmas Spectacular produced every year by my dear friend Sanford Wright. In the year 2012, my first Hallmark Channel TV Special was airing during the Holidays, directed by another Dear friend Chel White. I had produced for the first time in its history of the 60 piece SIFF Orchestra my LVIE! Seattle International Film Festival opening theme. The honored filmmaker that year was director Lynn Shelton, who is no longer with us. I will never forget the night of laughter we spent that night after the show. She was so pleased with the whole performance. Jennifer and I had signed our lease for an apartment in LA. We were getting ready to move to California. Through the years I met so many wonderful people: Commander Rick Gile, Chris Clay, Carl Kelley, Victor Benedetti, Aubrey Logan Knight, Dehner Franks, Jack Klitzman, Brian Tracey and so many more. The 2020 show this year is about remembering the 20 years of shows that have been produced. It is to a point where “It isn’t Christmas without the Christmas Spectacular.” Shed a few tears I have to admit. Miss you all very much hope to be able to see so many people in the new year to come. To create more beautiful memories like those.
– Charles-Henri-Avelange and Jennifer Ingel Avelange (Film composer)

I have been involved with Dr. Sanford Wright and the Christmas Spectacular for a number of years now.  Each year it amazes me at how wonderful the show is and, the extraordinary talent committed to being a part of this event. It is an event that brings the spirit of giving to the holiday season.  I also had the privilege of participating in the inclusion of “Make A Wish Foundation”.  Having the event support kids and their families is another reason it is so special. 

Dr. Wright has been a huge contributor to the Everett Community professionally and personally with a lifetime of achievements.  It is an honor to continue to be a part of the traditions that he holds near and dear to his heart.   

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us.  It also marked the 20 th Anniversary of the Christmas Spectacular.  We aren’t able to be together this year – Dr. Wright still gave us a wonderful show we can enjoy virtually. 

The Show Goes On.
– Kym Zion

Dear Sanford,

Merry Christmas to you and all the family! Wish the next year be easier and more healthy :)). Thanks to you, I watched all the shows I participated… wow, how many beautiful memories!!! In this world, when everybody is on his own, along with all the life problems, it is so important to share your soul with somebody who feels worse than you, who doesn’t have anything you have, give a hand! So, the Christmas Spectacular is a great chance to feel that we are united and all together can make the World a bit better!

I’m so happy that I was the part of this show! And appreciate very much your friendship!!!

– Artem Savchenko, Moscow. Violinist & Composer

Sanford: How incredible that you did it AGAIN!

It was quite an emotional and historic memory to see John … and myself … on the stage from years past. Thank you for this reminiscence of the collaborative, happy voices talking about Dorothy with such love (yellow blue bus!) and the tribute you always gave to helping others! Our part in your endeavors was always an inspiration for us.

I loved seeing with Olga, exactly the words that helped me name the beauty of Olga’s performances, “Core rotation” which made her so special, extraordinary, unique, in her dance world. I used to think the continuous flow, the connection of one move to the next, the focus on space, (and so many more words) were my way of trying to describe her world-class presence that she shared with such a genuine gift. Core rotation was helpful in understanding her technical way to work it. But it is still just her gift! I felt amazed at how she brought out these qualities in her students too, and now you show it with your own children! Wow! Sanford and Olga!

Sanford, for many years you have devoted energy to other people, because you loved their talents, their dreams, and their efforts to make important things happen. Through your interest in what makes life so exciting, you made a difference in countless other lives all over throughout the Pacific Northwest! Your quiet generosity, moral support, dedicated decision to move everything forward, and huge financial responsibility whatever, wherever, or whenever needed, came with an extraordinary genuine caring at each moment of contact with you, or others that you purposefully, and thoughtfully, brought into the space. The ways you were involved with art, changing the shape of diversity in art, in this large area, from the tribute to your mother, is enough to want to thank you.

– Helen Wilkins. John and Helen Wilkins, Co-Founders of Olympic Ballet Theatre

Hello, Sanford,
Thank you very much for sharing this legacy story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I believe your mother would say to you that she is very pleased with how you have demonstrated the beauty of any life that is driven by love and fed directly by a confluence of energies from the heart, soul, and brain – uncluttered by superficial or petty concerns and influences, and undeterred by seemingly insurmountable challenges. In the writing world, we have a motto: “Show, don’t tell.” You have followed that beautifully, while also alluding to the rewards of sharing and nurturing core principles in others. Bravo.

– Carole Lyn Woodring, American author, writing coach, pro-am dance competitor


Once again, in such a challenging year you and your team did a remarkable job. We are overwhelmed by your leadership and generosity.

Thank you for this remarkable contribution, but most of all thank you for your incredible work in executing the Christmas Spectacular. I can only imagine the time and effort that you dedicate each and every year. I greatly enjoyed watching the spectacular this year and seeing so many amazing performances that have come to life through the years.

Your support of wishes and children facing critical illness who will benefit from them, will allow us to bring joy and hope during this difficult time. I look forward to sharing updates on how the funds were used so you can pass along to the team and individual donors.

Once again, thank you Sanford and I wish you a Happy New Year!

– Melissa Arias, CEO, Make-A-Wish of Alaska & Washington.

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