The Story of the Show


Welcome to the 20th Christmas Spectacular! It’s hard to believe that the 9-11-2001 terrorist attack in New York would bring about the creation of a Christmas Show in Everett. Yet, the Everett Herald ran an article about the impact of the attack upon the local food banks, including the Volunteers of America Food banks. This caught my attention immediately because my father, Sanford Wright Sr., had been on that board of director of the VOA for over 30 years working with the long time VOA CEO Gil Saparto.

I was a member of the Corporate Round Table for the Arts at the time. I quickly learned that the other board members, Richard Anderson, Phil Bastian, Steve Winter, Frank McCord, Lanie McMullin, Tammy Force and  Larry Hanson were all interested in doing something to demonstrate support for the local food banks.

As it turned out, I was well acquainted with Dehner Franks, Ivyann Schwan and Gretchen Hewitt. Dehner was an extremely talented pianist, singer and composer, who I’d met at the old Sorrento Hotel Lobby about 1990. Ivayann had been a child star in the movies “Parenthood” and “Problem Child 2”.  Gretchen was the wife of Rick Eaks, the owner of Puget Sound Video and was a very talented singer, who often wrote her own music.

So, I pitched the idea of putting on a Christmas show at the historic Everett Theater in support of food banks, specifically the VOA Food Bank. The CRA Board president, Frank McCord, CEO/President of the Cascade Bank, suggested that we call it “The Christmas Spectacular”.  And the show was born! As the show evolved, a lot of the hard work to manage and coordinate the Christmas Spectacular fell upon my office/business manager at the Historic Hartley Mansion, Patti Larson and those working with her.

At this point, none of us on the Corporate Round Table for the  Arts could ever have imagined that the Christmas Spectacular would go on for 20 years, supported by an accumulated cast of over 300 performers that presented approximately 500 performances.



Nor could we have imagined that the Master of Ceremonies would include Ken Wessel, a well known theatrical figure; next a well-known KING 5 TV personality, Brian Tracey; next, another who had been the Snohomish County Executive, the Everett Community College President and Chancellor of the Washington State University Everett Satellite, Bob Drewel;  next another, who was the Superintendent of the Everett School District, Gary Cohn PhD and finally, the Mayor of Mukilteo, Joe Marine.

And the participants have included two different Everett Mayors, representatives from the Everett police and fire departments, the United States military, the Everett High School Jr. ROTC, varied community leaders, members of the Providence Everett Medical Center administrative and medical staff, the musical director of the Seattle Theater Group, talent from Everett, Seattle, Bellevue, Ballard, Auburn and different cities in Washington State. Talent from outside the USA including France, Italy, and Russia, talent from New York, California and other states. And further talent from TV including Dancing with the Stars and America’s Got Talent, local talent that performed as guests on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Because of the origins of the Christmas Spectacular from food bank shortages caused by the 9-11-2001 terrorist attack on America, the Christmas Spectacular has continued to be a unique Christmas and Holiday experience like no other.


The Everett Historic Theater

Ken Wessel, an experienced theatrical performer and director, proved to be a wonderful master of ceremonies for the Christmas Spectacular 2001. Dehner Franks, Ivyann Schwan and Victoria Walker with Lee Haines and the rest of the stage crew of the Everett Historic Theater all pitched in to make things happen. A large crowd showed up and brought with them 2,500 lbs. of food worth about $5,000 – as well as lots of applause, yelling and whistling. The Everett Herald gave us good press and so the show continued – for the next 19 years.

In 2002 Katie Tomlinson, a star of Village Theater along with David Wilson joined forces with Dehner Franks and his combo, Ivyann Schwan and another great show ensued.

Although I stepped down from the Corporate Round Table for the Arts, I remained passionate about continuing the show. In 2003, a close friend, Joanne Bosworth, introduced me to our new Master of Ceremonies, Brian Tracey.  Brian Tracey had started the KING 5 Evening Magazine, had moved on to work on the Discovery Channel in New York and had then returned to Seattle to launch “Ride-The-Ducks-Of-Seattle”, one of Seattle most popular tourist attractions. So, you can imagine how amazed I was when Brian accepted our offer and continued as master of ceremonies for The Christmas Spectacular until 2013.

Dehner Franks proved to be a very prolific composer. In 2002 he composed “The Gift of Music” and many, many other songs followed. He created “The Gift of Music” CD album of originals in 2005, then “With These Hands” and “Real Santa” CD albums of originals in 2006 and finally “The Yellow Blue Bus” CD album of originals along with two other CD albums, “This Christmas” and “Home for the Holidays” in 2007. When he created “I Will Always Be With You” a CD album of originals in 2010, he was awarded the “Dehner Franks Achievement Award” from the Dorothy Jayne Foundation.


“The Regulars”

By 2007, the four principal, “Regular” Cast and band members that were to remain with the show until today included:  Dehner Franks (2001); Victor Benedetti (2004); Carl Kelly (2005) and Jack Klitzman (2005). And Megan Parker was tagged along in 2007. However, challenges to this arrangement arose when Dehner Franks 1st moved to Nevada and later, Texas;  Carl Kelly to California and Victor Benedetti and his family to France. Fortunately, Jack’s position as Musical Director of the Seattle Theater Group and his lead role in the “Nearly Dan” band, prevented him from moving to any far away place! Despite the change of residence challenge, there was no change to the commitment of these artists to the Christmas Spectacular! All shared the spirit that “The Show Must Go On”.



Wonderful Choirs have always been a big part of the Christmas Spectacular. The Everett Chorale under the Direction of Lee Mathews appeared in the first 6 shows. They were followed by the IMAGINE! Children’s Museum Singers and the Snohomish County Training, Chamber, Intermezzo, Bella Voce and Ragazzo Coro Choirs, Directed by Shelley Logan. And there was the NW Barbershops Chorus, The Everett Police Choir, Directed by Lester Letoto, the 1st Baptist Church Choir and the Jazzmine Sextet.



Although the song selections for the 2001 show were varied and consistent with the Christmas and Holiday Season, Dehner played “God Bless America” at the end of the show as a reminder of how critical our freedom is to our way of life. In the 2003 show, he embellished this idea with a medley of patriotic songs at the beginning of the show that included America The Beautiful and our National Anthem. In the 2004 show, prior to Dehner’s patriotic medley, Brian Tracey asked for a moment of “silence” for our men and women overseas fighting for our freedom. Finally, in the 2005 show, Brian Tracey invited a guest of the show, Marlon Ramirez, a US army soldier, to say the pledge of Allegiance. And Dehner followed it with the National Anthem sung by a cast member.

Thus, in the first 5 years of the show (2001-2005) a custom arose that reminded us about the importance of our freedom both in the beginning and the end of every show. In this way, the threat to our freedom posed by the terrorist attack of 9-11-2001 produced a signature format upon the “Christmas Spectacular” that singles it out from all other Christmas or Holiday shows.


The Everett Civic Auditorium

By the end of the first decade of the Christmas Spectacular, the show moved from the Historic Everett Theater to the Everett Civic Auditorium in 2010. However, by this time, the three very solid themes of the show were very well established: (1) Helping those less fortunate than ourselves; (2) Enjoying the celebration of Christmas and the Holidays; and (3) Always recognizing that these first two opportunities exist only because we live in America, and, in the words of Brian Tracey, “we can live our lives the way we choose”.




“People Helping People”

Beginning in 2007 and extending to 2010 the show focused upon helping others less fortunate than ourselves. You might say, “People helping people”. Through video presentations we examined what is means to be a “Hero” in a military sense.

We also explored what it means to be a “Hero” in terms of a community. And we could see that freedom exits not only because of our men and women in the military all over the world but also because of our local police and firefighters.

In another way of recognizing contributions by community members, the Christmas Spectacular arranged a Talent Show Competition in the 2008 and 2010 shows. Many of the performers came from the Providence Hospital, where I had my neurosurgical practice for almost 40 years.


Cast Transition of 2013

The Christmas Spectacular began a major transition after the 2013 show. This was the last to feature Dehner Franks and Brian Tracey. Both men  knew that they would be severely missed. Therefore, onstage recognition was arranged.

Some major adjustments were needed. Fortunately, well recognized community leaders stepped up to the plate. In 2014 the Christmas Spectacular presented two shows. The master of ceremonies for the 1st show was Gary Cohn PhD, the Superintendent of the Everett School District. And for the 2nd show, Bob Drewel, the former Snohomish County Executive, the past President of the Everett Community College, the Executive Director of the Puget Sound Regional Council and the Chancellor of the Satellite campus of the Washington State University in Everett. Fortunately, the long-time band director beginning in 2005, Jack Klitzman, continued to bring his expertise the musical director for the Seattle Theater Group to our show. His talent, experience and connections continued to bring great music to support our cast. So, we were able to put together the 2014 show. But where would things go after that?


Joe Marine

Fortunately, Joe Marine, the Mayor of Mukilteo, had stepped in to provide a temporary replacement for Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson in 2012, when Ray was not available to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. When Joe was approached about taking over the job of master of ceremonies, he was all “on board” with this offer. And he has remained the master of ceremonies of the Christmas Spectacular.


More Choirs

After the move to the Everett Civic Auditorium in 2010, the Snohomish County Choirs under the Direction of Shelley Logan continued. Additional Choirs included a return of the Everett Chorale with Lee Mathews Director in 2011 and 2017, the Total Experience Gospel Experience Choir, Directed by Pat Wright, The Common Ground Choir, Directed by Dan Hegelund, The Volunteers of America Community Choir, Lee Mathews, the Dickens Carolers and the Lake Stevens High School Choir, Directed by Monika Tabor.


Tribute Artists, African Drummers, Tap Dancers, Ballroom Formation Team and Breakers!

Kym Zion, our self-appointed talent scout in Nevada, made the connection with REMJ Fowler, an incredible tribute artist, and his group in the LA area. They put on an outstanding performance of Michael Jackson including “Earth” in the 2018 show and Freddie Mercury/Queen last year, 2019.

Eugene Ampansah and his African drummers, originally from Africa, are currently living in the Seattle area and proved to be outstanding musicians that supported “Earth” and other parts of the show.

The VAM Dance Studio is located in Ballard and was founded by Mark Mendonca and his wife, Veronica. It was great to have not only their wonderful dance group in the show but particularly Mark, a world class tap dancer, who has performed before concert stages, US Presidents and New York Broadway.

Finally, the Award Winning Pacific Ballroom Dance Formation Team from Auburn, Directed by Heather Longhurst, put out great performances on our show.

David Narvaez and his North City Rockers became part of the scene down at the Dorothy Jayne Studio and from there onto the stage of the Everett Civic Auditorium. As a teenager, David was on the Seattle Breakers team that challenged the New York Breakers and won the National Break Dance Championship in 1986. In 2014, David invited break dancer Michael T. Chambers aka “Boogaloo Shrimp”, to join the North City Rockers on the Christmas Spectacular that year. Chambers, also known as “Turbo” starred in the box office success “Breakin 1” and later “Breakin 2”. Until COVID, the North City Breakers have held their practice sessions and instruction in the Dorothy Jayne Studio.


Helping the Community in Other Ways

Both before 2013 and certainly after 2013, the Christmas Spectacular continued to search out additional ways of “helping those less fortunate than ourselves”. This concept actually began in 2011 and led to the introduction of Christie Tipton, the Director of the Providence Hospital Children’s Center. She reminded us that approximately 7% of children have some sort of special needs – some of which can be rather “minor” whereas others can be much more “severe”.

In 2012, the next to the last year Brian Tracey was our Master of Ceremonies, he introduced Christie Tipton to our audience. In turn, Christie invited Barbara Meadows and her daughter, Jocelin Meadows, out onto the stage. And many of us in the Christmas Spectacular became mesmerized by Jocelin’s story.

Artem Savchenko, a wonderful, young Russian symphonic violinist/composer was asked to write a song just for Jocelin. The next year, 2013, Artem flew out from Moscow to join a local piano accompanist that provided the music for Jocelin and her amazingly creative and outstanding Russian dance “partner”, Alexy Gavrilov. In order to prepare for this day, Alexy flew out from New York to the NW and the Dorothy Jayne Studio on a frequent basis to prepare Jocelin for the 2013 show. Understandably, the performance drew a huge, standing ovation.


Dance Program for Children with Special Needs

The association of the Christmas Spectacular and the Providence Children’s Center continued through the 2013, 2014 and 2015 shows. Out of the dance program for Children with Special needs at the Dorothy Jayne Studio in Everett, grew the 2014 Dance Wellness Program initiated by Joyce Stewart, the Assistance Superintendent of the Everett School District. This program was administratively arranged with the help of Kym Zion from Las Vegas. Once established, within approximately 6 weeks, Olga Foraponova Wright and her staff at the Dorothy Jayne Studio taught dance to 2,000 students, along with some school faculty as well! During this time the Christmas Spectacular invited onstage Joanne Lara, an international figure, who established the power of dance in helping children with autism.


Make-A-Wish of Alaska and Washington

Unexpectedly, in 2016, a long time Providence Hospital physical therapist, Dareleen Hussey, drew attention to Monty Huesca and his family. Monty was a young boy with huge health challenges that had been selected by Make-A-Wish of Alaska and Washington for a very special gift. The story was so compelling that Monty and his family were invited onto the 2016 Christmas Spectacular.

His appearance was supported by a very special musical composition by Artem Savchenko in Moscow, who flew out from Russian to perform the piece on the Everett Civic Auditorium Stage with an incredible, local pianist, Kyran Adams. Kyran had just won the Bellevue Russian piano competition. They were joined by very wonderful vocalists, Victor Benedetti and Megan Parker, who had already been ‘regulars’ on the show since 2004 and 2007, respectively. The audience response was a huge, standing ovation.

In the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Christmas Spectaculars, the show continued to present other Make-A-Wish children and their stories of healthcare challenges: Mark Estabrook, Serra Ahner. Ben Rapson in 2017; Grace Nguyen & Family plus Rebekah Lovitt and Family in 2018; and  Santiago Alvarado and Family  with Rebekah Lovitt and Rebekah’s vocal student, Madeline Cox.

During these years, the President/CEO’s of Make-A-Wish of Alaska and Washington were introduced on stage at the Everett Civic Auditorium:  Barry McConnell, who joined the Washington organization in 1991, 5 years after it had been founded and served as President/CEO for over 25 year; interim President/CEO Peter Drury;  and finally, the current President/CEO Melissa Arias. All of the Make-A-Wish leadership and staff were pleased with the support for their organization provided by the appearances of the Wish Kids on our show.

Well, that’s the story of this highly unusual Christmas show through 2019. A show centered around helping those less fortunate than ourselves. A show about enjoying the celebration and joy of the Christmas and Holiday Season. And very importantly, a show that always reminds us to recognize that without our freedom, we would not be able to lead our lives the way we choose.



The Christmas Spectacular 2020 – The Show of Shows

Because of COVID Pandemic this year, a stage presentation of the Christmas Spectacular was not possible. This brought about a creative opportunity in which to think back over 20 years and remind ourselves that the performances of our Guests, Cast and Crew members have established a Legacy. The Legacy of a Christmas Show that arose from a Terrorist Attack on America Freedom. A show that serves up wonderful Christmas and Holiday Music but in such a way as to remind us to help those less fortunate than ourselves and to never forget the freedom that we enjoy at the expense of the ultimate sacrifice given by our men and women in our military forces overseas and our day to day protection within our community by our police and firefighters.

Therefore, this year’s Christmas Spectacular 2020, the SHOW of SHOWS, is dedicated to the Legacy established by our Guests, Cast and Crew Members through their Spectacular Talent, Commitment and Trust.


The Puzzle

If you are going to present the Legacy of the Christmas Spectacular 2020 as a “SHOWS of SHOWS”, how do you go about it? Of course, it must be based upon video highlights of 19 shows, 2001 – 2019, each of which is made up of 20-30 performances – and you need to throw in the new video of the 2020 performances. Approximately 300 Guest, Cast and Crew Members and over 500 Performances.

Imagine if each these 20 shows is a puzzle made of 20-30 pieces and you shakeup each show or  puzzle and throw the pieces of these puzzles onto the floor. All the individual pieces of the puzzle – that is all the performances – become mixed together. And now, it is your job to sort out 63 performances or pieces of the puzzle, less than 1/8th of all the pieces, and create a new show or puzzle using only those puzzle pieces that will be representative of the Legacy of the Christmas Spectacular!

You might find a few pieces that will fit together here and there but will you be able to create a new puzzle or show? Some pieces will be from 2001, when the video was recorded onto VHS tapes. In some shows the master of Ceremonies will be Ken Wessel and others Brian Tracey or Joe Marine. And some will be staged at the Historic Everett Theater and others at the Everett Civic Auditorium. And how can you try and include a representative measure of the Guests, Cast and Crew? The many choirs and dance groups?

And when you find a few pieces that fit together beautifully, you realize that there is more to be done. Since this SHOW of SHOW’s that you are creating will be over 6 hours long, you must establish a sequence of “Themes” in order to bring overall organization to your effort. Only then, will you truly have succeeded in creating the Legacy of the Christmas Spectacular that you can call THE SHOW of SHOWS.

Yes! No kidding! As this project got underway, there was much anxiety! It was far from assured that this approach would successfully bring to life the Legacy of the Christmas Spectacular. In the end, the success of failure of the effort will have to decided by you, the audience.



This Year’s Performance

Because of the COVID Pandemic, it seemed like a good time to highlight the Dorothy Jayne Studio.  Since the Dorothy Jayne Studio was made possible by Peter Newland, Howie Bargreen, and D.O.C. Crawford in 2002, it soon became the rehearsal and staging space for some parts of the Christmas Spectacular.

Dehner Franks’ original songs were in part recorded at the Dorothy Jayne Studio with the support of the Christmas Spectacular band leader, Jack Klitzman, also the Musical Director of the Seattle Theater Group. This is where a few of us had the privilege of being the first to hear Aubrey Logan’s version of “Wee Small Hours of the Morning”.  All kinds of dance rehearsals and choreography were brought about here. Yet, all of this activity was never apparent to the Christmas Spectacular audience.

Therefore, it seemed reasonable to provide the “Back Story” of the Dorothy Jayne Studio and the roll that “Family” played in its development. A story of how, Dorothy Jayne, my mother, overcame huge challenges to leave a legacy of empowerment to students and future generations.

This story serves to remind all of us about the many varied ways in which our families indlurence our lives and our futures. Within every family, there is a story that has its own joys and achievements – as well as it’s challenges.

Olga Foraponova, my wife, will take this opportunity to share with you how dance performances are tied to the Dorothy Jayne Studio, that has played such a large role in the Christmas Spectacular. We are pleased that Dorothy Jayne’s granddaughters, Dascha and Mascha Wright, can be part of this show. Hopefully, Dorothy Jayne will hopefully be smiling down upon them!

Again, our primary audience for the Christmas Spectacular 2020 SHOW of SHOWS are the past guests, Cast and Crew Members, who have made the Legacy of the Christmas Spectacular a reality. Others are of course more than welcome!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Sanford Wright Jr. MD

Producer/Director of the Christmas Spectacular

Director of the Dorothy Jayne Foundation.






CRA’s Board Members: Richard Anderson. Phil Bastian. Steve Winter. Frank McCord. Lanie McMullin. Tammy Force. Larry Hanson. Unanimous vote. 6,000 individuals using the food bank at that time. 100th Anniversary of the historic Everett theater. Refurbished thanks to John and Idame Schack.  Mike Jordan just received the Dick Wendt Everett Cultural Center Award for his contribution to dance.  (2001). Supporting companies – Cascade Bank. Buse, Casper and Bastian Law Firm. Everett Herald. Intermec company. Haskell Sjoholm Company. Hatloe’s Decorating Center. Verizon. The Ever ett Neurolgical Center. KSER LIVE 2001 2002. GBA began with the 1st show. 2,500lbs food 2001 $5,000 worth food.



Leadership: Gil Saparto, CEO Everett VOA organization for over 30 years; National Board for 10 years; followed by Tom Robinson CEO.

Food Representatives on Stage: Kathleen Barry 2002; Virginia Sprague 2001 – 2010; Bill Humphreys 2005-2010; VOA Chimney, Alice Sturgeon 2003-2012



Board Members: Richard Anderson, Phil Bastian, Steve Winter, Frank McCord (president), Lanie McMullin, Tammy Force and Larry Hanson.

Supporting businesses: Cascade Bank. Buse, Casper and Bastian Law Firm. Everett Herald. The Intermec Company. Haskell SeaHolm Company. Hatloe’s Decorating Center. Verizon.



Ken Wessel, Veteran Theatrical Director, The Historic Everett Theater (2001 & 2002)

Brian Tracey, KING 5 Evening Magazine; New York TV, Ride-The-Ducks-Of-Seattle (2003-2013)

Bob Drewel, Snohomish County Executive; President, the Everett Community College; Chancellor of Washington State University in Everett (2014).

Gary Cohn PhD, Superintendent of the Everett School District (2014).

Joe Marine, Past Mayor of Mukilteo, Everett Health Insurance Broker (2015-2020).



Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson (2008 – 2017)

Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin (2018-2019).



Director, CMDR Richard Gile USN Ret. (2007-2020).

Cadets: …..



Susanne Eviston (———). Anthony Fletcher (2016). Leroy McCalty ?????(2017). Suzanne Eviston (2017).



Bob _________ Tim Key 2016.



Director, Christie Tipton (2012)

Guests:  Jocelin Meadows (2012-2015.




 CEO/Presidents:  Barry McConnell; Peter Drury; Melissa Ariais (  )

Guests:  Monty Huesca & Family (2016).  Mark Estabrook and Sierra Anuer/Family (2017).

Rebekah Lovitt & Family / Grace Nguyen/family (2018). Rebekah Lovitt & Family / Grace Nguyen/family (2018).



Dehner Franks (2001-2004)

Jack Klitzman (2005-2020)



Dehner Franks, pianist/composer/singer; Seattle, Las Vegas Houston (2001 – 2013).

Artem Savchenko,  Russian violinist/composer (2012-2017; 2019)

Charles Avelange, French/American film composer, Everett/Los Angeles (2007, 2011, 2012, 2017, 2019)

Gretchen Hewitt, singer/vocal instructor/composer; Everett/Granite Falls (2002).



Kym Zion, The Dorothy Jayne Studio Dance Wellness Program; Director of K-12 Programs USA Dance; talent scout for Christmas Spectacular (2015; 2018; 2019)



John and Idamae Schack, audience members, donors to the Historic Everett Theater (2001).

Frank McCord, president of the Corporate Roundtable of the Arts (2002).

Marlon Ramirez/Jeanette/Cheyanne Ramirez (2005).

John Filostrat USN, USS Abraham Lincoln (2004).

Capt. Andy McCawley USN, Captain of the USS Abraham Lincoln, world’s largest warship (2006).

Eleanor Leight, former New York Radio City Rockette, US Troop entertainer WWII, creator of the Leight Fantasticks Dance Group in Snohomish WA. (2007).

Eli Medellin, USA Ret. photographer (2006).

Catherine Gallo, neurosurgeon, Eugene Oregon & David Arnold, ballroom dance instructor, San Francisco (2007).

Tim Serban, Mission Integration, Providence Regional Medical Center (2008)

David Brooks CEO, Tim Serban, Mission Integration, Tom Brennan, Senior Staff of Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett and Rod Oskouian MD, neurosurgeon, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle (2011).

Travis Hotts, Fire Chief Snohomish County Districts 21 & 22, helicopter rescue pilot, rescue leader, Oso Landslide National Disaster (2014).

Director of rescue, Oso, Washington State National Emergency, (2014).

Freddie Escaval, USN Ret., decorated sailor, in support of Make A Wish (2016).

Gil Saparto, post CEO VOA, Everett. (2016).

Sgt. David Jordan/wife Lauren, US Marine/US Army, decorated soldier (2017).

Fallen Heroes Banners of Snohomish County (2019).



Alec Mazo & Edyta Sliwinska, Dancing with The Stars (2010).

The Everett High School Varsity Basketball Team, Coach Aaron Nations (Rick Arends) 2011.

Jim Blue MD Neurosurgeon, Banjo (2012).

Dehner Franks Jr. son of Dehner Franks (2012).

Artem Savchenko, violin (2012-2017).

Justin Glanville, Snohomish County Fire Districts 21 & 22. (2014).

Michael T Chambers aka “Turbo”, America dancer and actor, “Boogaloo Shrimp” in 1984 film “Breakin”  (2014).

Kym Zyon, creative associate, talent scout (2015; 2018, 2019).

Kyran Adams, winner of many classical piano competitions (2015-2016).

Darelle Holden, principal vocalist for the Nearly Dan Band; Director is Jack Klitzman, musical director of the Seattle Theater Group and the Christmas Spectacular band (2015).

Summer Watson, Sony Classical Recording Artist (2015).

Victoria Burnett, International Master Story Teller/Vocalist (2015).

Daniel Yeboah, young singing talent (2015).

Craig Shively OR PA-C  (2016).

Rachel Reyes. (2016).

ERIAM Sisters: Haben Abraham; Lianda Abraham and Salina Abraham, East Africa/Renton, America’s Got Talent, Season 4 (2016-2018).

Joel Matson, retired theatrical director and actor (2017).

Chiara Rogers, young talent (2018).

REM Fowler and Group, LA area, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury Tribute Artists (2018-2019).



Jack Klitzman & Band members: 2005-2019 (15 years)

Carl Kelly 2005- 2019 (15 years)

Dehner Franks: 2001-2013 (14 years)

Victor Benedetti:  2004-2008, 2010-2011, 2014-2019 (13 years)

Megan Renea Parker (formerly Chenovick): 2007, 2008, 2010-2019 (12 years)

Dascha Wright: 2009-2020 (12 years)

Keith Corning & Everett Civic Auditorium Crew 2010-2019. (10 years)

Victoria Walker & Historic Everett Theater Crew 2001-2009. (10 years)

Aubrey Logan: 2010-2013; 2017. (6 years)

Ksenia Popova: 2005-2012 (8 years)

Alexy Gavrilov:  2011-2016 (6 years)

Katie Tomlinson: 2002-2007 (6 years)

Victoria Burnett: 2005, 2012-2015 (5 years)

Mascha Wright 2016-2020 (5 years)

Chris Clay: 2009-2012 (4 years)

Karlin Lissa: 2015-2018 (4 years)

Ivyann Schwan: 2001-2004 (4 years)

Kyran Adams: 2015-2017  (3 years)

ERIAM Sisters – Haben, Lianda & Salina Abraham: 2016-2018 (3 years)

Joey Gian: 2003-2005 (3 years)

Steven Binondo: 2010 (1 year)

Eleanor Leight: 2007, 2012 (2 years)

Jimmy Scheider: 2007-2010 (2 years)

Nadine Shanti: 2005-2006 (2 years)

Anna Stovall: 2005-2006 (2 years)

Josh Wingeter: 2007-2008 (2 years)

Anna Bohachova: 2016 (1 year)

Olivia Hasselbrock: 2007 (1 year)

Darelle Holden: 2015 (1 year)

Melaina Larson: 2017 (1 year)

Maksim Leonov: 2017 (1 year)

Mark Mendonca: 20107 (1 year)

Andrii Mykhailov: 2016 (1 year)

Rachel Reyes:  2017 (1 year)

Andrew St.Marie: 2007 (1 year)

David Wilson: 2002. (1 year)



Dehner Franks Combo (2002-2004).

Jack Klitzman, Band Director, Musical Director of the Seattle Theater Group/Christmas Spectacular House Band (2005-2020).

Everett High School Jazz Band Members, Megan Vinther, Director (2017).

Eugene Amponsah & African Drummers (Seattle/Africa)  (2018, 2019).

Tall Boys Banjo Country Band, Charlie Beck, Director (2018).




The Everett Chorale, Lee Mathews, Director, (2001-2006)

The Imagine! Children’s Museum Singers, Nancy Gosen/Anna Stovall/Shelley Logan, Directors (2005-2010)

The NW Barbershop Chorus (2006)

The Everett Police Choir, Lester Letoto, Director, (2007)

Snohomish County Training/Chamber/Intermezzo/Bella Voce/Ragazzo Coro Choir, Shelley Logan, Director (2007 – 2013)

The 1st Baptist Church Choir, Greg Johnson, Director (2008)

Jazzmine Sextet (2009)

The Everett Chorale, Lee Mathews, Director, (2011, 2017)

Total Experience Gospel Choir, Pat Wright, Director (2015).

The Common Ground Choir, Dan Hegelund, Director (2016).

The Everett Chorale, Lee Mathews, Director (2017).

The Volunteers of America Community Choir, Lee Mathews, Director (2018)

The Dickens Carolers, Bellevue  (2018-2019).

The Lake Stevens High School Choir, Monika Tabor, Director  (2019).



Dorothy Jayne Studio Dancers (2006-2007; 2009-2020).

North City Rockers, North Seattle, David Narvaez, Director (2014-2020).

Children with Special Needs Dance Group/DJ Studio, Irina Hensler, Director (2015-2016).

VAM Dance Studio, Veronica Mendonca, Director, Ballard  (2017)

Pacific Ballroom Dance Formation Team, Heather Longhurst, DIrector (2017-2018).



Olga Foraponova Wright, US Ballroom Champion x 2, World Finalist, Director of the Dorothy Jayne Studio (2002-2020)

Eric Linder and Rickie Taylor, 4 national championships, Dancing With The Stars, The Oprah Winfrey Show (2009).

Umario Diallo, Ballroom Competitor and coach/instructor, Los Angeles area (2015)

Irina Hensler, Russian ballroom dancer, instructor for children with special needs (2015)

Danylo _____ & Dascha Wright, Blackpool England finalists, 2020.

Natasha Zrazevskaya

Ryan Bollen & Mascha Wright.



Alexy Gavrilov GAVRILOV DANCE. (2011-2016).

Olga Foraponova Wright, 2 times US Ballroom Champion, World Finalist (2012)

Yegore Novikov, American Smooth Ballroom Champion (2012)

Mark Mendonca, danced for US Presidents, Broadway, Concert Stages (2014; 2017)

Andrii Mykhailov & Anna Bohachova, Rising Star Blackpool (2016)

Maksim Leonov & Melaina Larson, ballroom dance, Los Angeles area (2017).

Catherine Gallo, neurosurgeon/ballroom dancer, Eugene Oregon & ballroom coach/instructor, David Arnold, San Francisco (2013).



Historic Everett Theater; Victoria Walker, Lee Haines, crew. (2001– 2009).

The Everett Civic Auditorium; Keith Corning & crew (2010 – 2019).



Puget Sound Video, Richard Eaks (2001 – 2015).

Puget Sound Video, David Eaks (2016-2020).



2001: The Everett Cultural Commission Richard Wendt Award of Excellence to Mike Jordan.

2005: “The Gift of Music” CD album of all original songs by Dehner Franks. Band accompaniment directed by Jack Klitzman.

2006: “With These Hands CD album of all original songs by Dehner Franks. Band accompaniment directed by Jack Klitzman.

2006: “Real Santa” CD album of all original songs by Dehner Franks. Band accompaniment directed by Jack Klitzman.

2007: “Yellow Blue Bus” CD album of all original songs by Dehner Franks. Band accompaniment directed by Jack Klitzman.

2007: “This Christmas” & Home For “The Holidays” featuring Dehner Franks. Band accompaniment directed by Jack Klitzman.

2010: The Christmas Spectacular Dehner Franks Achievement Award

2010: “I Will Always Be With You” CD album of all original songs by Dehner Franks. Band accompaniment directed by Jack Klitzman.

2011: The Dorothy Jayne Studio funded Children with Special Needs and their dance partners to perform in Olga Foraonova Wright’s “Autumn Dance Classic” in San Francisco.

2012: Hallmark Cards featured music of Charles Avelange, “Jingle

2012: The Brian Tracey Recognition Award for support of the Christmas Spectacular for 11 years as Master of Ceremonies given to him by Everett Mayor Stephanson.

2012: The Commander Richard Gile Award granted by the Christmas Spectacular.

2012: The Jocelin Meadows & Family Achievement Award by the Dorothy Jayne Foundation

2012: City of Everett Proclamation-Christmas Spectacular Day by Mayor Ray Stephanson.

2014: Marc Estabrook, “Summer Solstice/Violet” Make-A-Wish of Alaska and Washington.

2015: City of Everett Proclamation-Brian Tracey Day by Mayor Ray Stephanson.

2020: Aubrey Logan; multiple achievements/awards – see

2020: Charles Henri Avelange;  multiple achievements/awards – see




2007: Age of Heroes/Heroes Fighting Hunger

2008: Miriam Oliver

2009: Healthcare Heroes

2009: Talent Show Night

2011: Talent Show Night



2017: Special Fundraising Event at the Dorothy Jayne Studio

2018: 1st Annual Grape Stomp for Make-A-Wish of Alaska and Washington at the Port Gardner Bay Winery

2019: 2nd Annual Grape Stomp for Make-A-Wish of Alaska and Washington at the Port Gardner Bay Winery



Bill Humphreys 2005-2010

Everett Chorale 2001 – 2006

Snohomish County Chamber Choir

Imagine! Children’s Museum Singers 2005 – 2010

NW Barbershop Choir 2006

The Everett Police Choir /Leter Letoto 2007

DJ Studio Dancers 2006 – present. Eric and Rickie 2009

Police Suzanne Evisiton

Fire –

Andrew St. Marie 2007

Olivia Hasselbrock 2007

Cassie Franklin – 2017-2019

CMDR Rick Gile 2007-2019 JrROTC



Gil Saparto 2016John Filostrat USN 2004-5

Sgt. David Jordan & wife, Lauren 2017

Capt. Andy McCawley USN 2005

Eli Medellin 2006

Miriam Oliver 2008

Prov – Tim Serban Dave Brooks

Marlon Ramirez USA/Jennifer/kid 2005

Richard Mqrquez USAF

Jeff Weinstock USN

Chief Bur Hembolt USCG

Sgt. Artie Martinez

Eleanor Leight 2007

Charles Avelange 2007, 2011, 2012 2017, 2019

Jim Blue MD 2012

Artem Savchenko – 2012 – 2017

Eric and Rickie 2009

Alec Maso and Edyta Sliwinska – 2010

The Everett High School Basketball Team with Coach Aaron Nations; Rick Arends

Sheila Murphy – Prov

EPD – Anthony Fletcher 2016



Alexy Gavrilov 2011-2016

Karlin Lissa – 2015 – 2018

Aubrey Logan   2010 – 2013   2017, 2018?

Carl Kelly 2005 – 2019

Chris Clay – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Joey Gian 2003-2005

Jim Abner – 2009

Megan Chenovick – 2007, 2008, 2010-2019

Nadine Shanti – 2005 -2006

Darelle Holden 2015

Anna Stovall – 2006

Ivyann Schwan 2001-2004

Victoria Burnett – 2005 – 2013-2015

Victor Benedetti –

Ksenia Popova – 2005 – 2012

Josh Wingerter –

David Wilson – 2002

Jack Klitzman  2005 – 2019

Jimmy Schneider – 2007

Andrew St. Marie – 2007

Olivia Hasselbrock – 2007

Dascha 2009 –

Dehner Franks 2001-2013

Katie Tomlinson 2002 – 2007

Seven Binondo 2010

Puget Sound Video – Rick Eaks 2001 – 2015; David Eaks 2016-2019

Eriam Sisters –Salina, Haben and Lianda 2016; Haben and Lianda 2017, Lianda and Haben, 2018

Kyran Adams  2015, 2016, 2017




Mike Jordan 2001.

Freddie Escaval 2016

Catherine Gallo (Eugene Oregon) & David Arnold (San Francisco), Ballroom dancers

Alec Mazo & Edyta Sliwinska (Los Angeles area); 2010.

Susanna Komp; EHS Jr. ROTC – 2014

Mark Mendonca,VAM Studio (Ballard)  2017

Maksim Leonov & Melaina Larson (California) 2017.

Pacific Ballroom Dance Formation Team (Auburn) 2018

Davide Fumagalli & Deborah Macaluso (Italy) 2018

Daniel Heboah

Summer Watson 2015

Angelica Elange 2018

Joel Matson  -2017

Rachel Reyes

Monty Huesca 2016

Mark Estabrook  2017

Grace Nguyen 2018

Rebekah Lovitt 2019

Madeline Cox

REM Fowler 2018, 2019

Eriam Sisters

Chiara Rogers 2018

Tall Boys Banjo County Band 2018, Charlie Beck, Director

Craig Shively 2016

Darleen Hussey 2014

Hayen Call 2014

Debbie Eveland 2014

Neck Eveland  2014

Nick Dittoe 2014

Mason Meyer 2014

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