Titles for 2020 “Show of Shows” – Part I



Joe Marine; Master of Ceremonies: Dialogue.



  1. Ebenezer Scrooge Portrayal. Joel Matson and Cast.
  2. Ebenezer Song. Katie Tomlinson.
  3. Draw Close with Ivyann Schwan
  4. Reach Out And Touch Someone. Total Gospel Experience Choir; Pat Wright. Director
  5. Bill Humphreys about the VOA and Food Donations: Dialogue.
  6. Ken Wessel, Master of Ceremonies. Comments about Gift of Music: Dialogue.
  7. The Gift of Music. Dehner at the piano with Carl Kelly, Victor Benedetti, Megan Parker, Ksenia Popova, Victoria Burnett, Aubrey Logan, Jimmy Scheider and Chris Clay.
  8. We Are The World. Common Ground Choir, Dan Hegelund, Director. Karlin Lissa.
  9. Symphony of Brotherhood. Gretchen Hewitt. Ivyann Schwan commentary.



  1. Origins of Modern Day Christmas. Victor Benedetti: Dialogue.
  2. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day.The Common Ground Choir. Dan Hegelund, DIrector.
  3. Go Tell It On The Mountain. Ivyann Schwan.
  4. A Tree Is Born. Anna Stoval
  5. Katie Tomlinson.
  6. The Christmas Song. David Wilson
  7. VOA Donation Chimney. Brian Tracey and Alice Sturgeon: Dialogue.
  8. Silver Bells. The Imagine Children’s Museum Singers. Victor Benedetti.
  9. Bell Ringers Lullabye. Ksenia Popova and Victor Benedetti.
  10. If Every Day Was Christmas. Summer Watson.
  11. Once Upon A December. Angelica Elange. Dancing by Danylo Yanchyshyn and Dascha Wright
  12. Christmas Night in Harlem. Mark Mendonca and Carl Kelly.
  13. Christmas Blues. Joey Gian.
  14. Christmas List. Jim Blue MD; Artem Savchenko. Carl Kelly
  15. Aubrey Logan. Jack Klitzman and the Band.
  16. Breaking Up Christmas. The Tall Boy Country Band.
  17. Don’t Get Trouble. The Tall Boy Country Band.
  18. Text Me Merry Christmas. Lake Stevens High School Choir, Monika Tabor, Director.
  19. ASAP TEAM/Nurse “M”. Mascha Wright. Megan Parker. Carl Kelly. Victor Benedetti: Dialogue.
  20. Flu Ride. Megan Parker. Carl Kelly. Victor Benedetti.
  21. Another Christmas song. Victor Benedetti. The DorothyJayne Studio Dancers.
  22. A Tree Is Born. Anna Stovall.
  23. Real Santa. Anna Stovall and Joey Gian.
  24. The Doctor Rockers. The North City Rockers, Director, David Narvaez.
  25. Help Me To Stand. Victoria Burnett.
  26. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright. Carl Kelly. Victor Benedetti. Victoria Burnett. Aubrey Logan.
  27. Celebration Here. Carl Kelly. Victoria Burnett. Victor Benedetti. Dehner Franks. Brian Tracey. The Everett Chorale, Lee Mathews, Director.



  1. Brian Tracey. James Swenson. Suzanne Eviston: Dialogue
  2. Heroes Video. Brian Tracey. and Charles Avelange. James Swenson. Iraq. Suzanne Eviston
  3. Introduction of Rick Gile. Joe Marine: Dialogue.
  4. Jr ROTC Color Guard.
  5. National Anthem. Haben Abraham.
  6. What Is The Cost Of Freedom. Ksenia Popova. Capt. Andrew McCawley. Eli Medellin. Jack Sax solo. Chris Clay.
  7. Dehner Franks Jr. Happy 10th Dehner Franks Sr. Brian Tracey.
  8. White Christmas. Maksim Leonov. Melaina Larson. Megan Parker. Mascha Wright.
  9. Schindler’s List. Davide Fumagali. Deborah Macaluso.
  10. Sing Sing Sing. Eriam Sisters. Auburn Dance Formation Team. VAM Studio Tap.
  11. Marlon Ramirez, active duty, in Afghanistan, 2004/2005. Wife, Jeanette. Brian Tracey: Dialogue.
  12. David Jordan & wife, Lauren Jordan. Charles Avelange: Dialogue.
  13. These Things Remind Me Of You. Shelley Logan. Jim Abner. Dascha Wright.
  14. Say It With A Song. The Everett Chorale. Lee Matthews, Director.
  15. We Need A Little Christmas. Dickens Carolers.





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